Incorporating Wellness Into Your Corporate Meetings

When you think about wellness, you may think about exercise and eating healthy.  While both of those still pertain, the concept of wellness has transformed over the years.  Today, consumers view wellness through a different lens, incorporating not just fitness and nutrition, but also overall physical health, mental health, and social well-being.  There are endless possibilities to take part in to achieve your level of wellness; and, research shows that the opportunities and interests continue to grow.  

Research by McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm, estimates the global wellness market at more than $1.5 trillion with an annual growth of 5 – 10%.  And, since the COVID-19 Pandemic, the idea of health and wellness is more imperative than ever.  Including a wellness component into your corporate meetings can benefit all those involved.  As personal and professional priorities continue to blend, here are several ways to add wellness in corporate meetings.

Get Up and Get Active! 

There are so many facts and figures today about how to maintain your health, but the most common recommendation is staying active.  But, how do you do that during a meeting or conference?  Taking breaks is common during a full-day meeting.  These breaks help keep attendees alert.  But, what if you were to incorporate walking, or even getting outside for a short exercise?  

At the Four Points by Sheraton Norwood, a short nature trail is located behind the hotel and is the perfect place to get some fresh air while increasing your daily step count.  Some of the positive effects of walking, like increased creativity, happiness, and cognitive abilities, can be seen in just a five-minute walk.  Consider this practice at your next event; and, you may see immediate benefits from your attendees that outweigh the missed time in your agenda. 


Like staying active, stretching has equivalent benefits to your mind and body.  Checking in with your attendee’s health throughout the day with some light stretching can reduce injury risk and fatigue, while improving posture and muscle coordination.  Promoting these wellness activities could change how your attendees feel about their own wellness as they are reminded that you put their health and safety above all else. 

Eat Healthy! 


We all know that eating healthy is easier said than done, especially at a corporate event!  Our chefs at the Four Points by Sheraton Norwood take pride in serving quality foods and are driven to provide all our guests with delicious, healthy cuisines.  Our luncheon buffet which is included in some of our meeting packages is not your typical hotel conference lunch.  The Chef’s Daily Menu always includes a myriad of options, from plated salads and a sandwich station to multiple hot entrees, a chef-attended station, desserts and more.  Our team is also mindful of any dietary restrictions or allergies when planning their daily menus. Add some wellness in corporate meetings to your menu options!


The power of breathing is something most people take for granted.  And, the idea of meditation is off-putting to most people.  Who has the time to take 10 minutes just to breathe?  But that’s the thing, it only takes 10 minutes!  Starting your meeting with a focused, guided breathing practice is a great way for your attendees to start their day with clarity.  It can help attendees deal with strong emotions, alleviate any stress or anxiety, and even increase brain power and focus.  Not only will this benefit your attendee’s wellbeing, but it can also be a great way to boost productivity during your meeting.     

The Four Points by Sheraton Norwood is the perfect place to host a productive and healthy meeting.  Rest assured our staff will take care of everything, from booking and planning the meeting to serving delicious and healthy food to, most importantly, providing a wonderful place to get some rest and sleep!  Your attendees can also take the time to focus on themselves by swimming laps in our indoor pool, lifting weights in our 24-hour Fitness Center or taking a brief walk on our wooded walking path.  

Let us plan your next event and add wellness in corporate meetings.  Call us today for availability and pricing at Tel: 781-255-3159 or email us at email hidden; JavaScript is required.